November 13, 2018

K2 Communications- PR redefined

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.
– Prof. Daniel J Boorstin

At K2, the first thing a newcomer is taught is –”to be second to none”

Back in 2003, when we started our PR company, the technology industry was booming, and everyone was enjoying a strong wave of growth and innovation. Opening the public relations business was an attempt to provide an efficient, effective, incisive and impactful Public Relations platform to clients. 15 years on, from a one client company,  K2 communications is now a formidable player.

We have redefined the way PR is perceived and have come far away from the days when PR was just a poor cousin of strong –muscled Advertising. Our humble attempt to bring Public Relations domain into the limelight and make it stand as a distinct force in its own is our biggest strength today.

PR today has seen a transition from just a marketing activity to a management discipline.  Our team understands the concept of creating value for its stakeholders. With a finger on the local pulse and sights set on global outlook, our team has ensured some of the longest partnerships and symbiotic relationships with clients  like Wipro Ltd, Azim Premji University, BASE Education, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting ( FMCG), House of Hiranandani, Columbia Asia, AO Smith and Trio World Academy.

In an industry like PR where attrition levels are high, we can proudly boast of having a team which has been there with us since the inception of this dream. Our team is our biggest asset, and we aim to remain the same by maintaining less hierarchy and more teamwork.

It has been a challenging and exciting journey spanning over a decade and a half when we have learned, understood, strategized, brainstormed, listened, engaged, curated, and even argued with our clients- innumerable times.

A PR agency’s true mettle and worth are tested not in the good times, but in bad times. K2 has, time and again, proved its worth in gold. Whether it is creating modules to manage issue based crises, salvaging PR gaffes and tricky situations, to wet-blanketing of articles, K2 has always been there for its clients.

Our success mantra is collaborative communication. We understand the ideals of our clients’ business the way an employee would, and there on we are a part of every move the company makes.

K2 communications will never be just another agency. We have painstakingly developed a reputation for always being ahead of the learning curve, and we will continue to keep it that way. We can’t help but keep thinking big and deliver the best client service possible.

We have always strived to dig deeper and find out what’s new, what works for our clients, and then use our collective experience and insights so our clients can achieve their business goals.

We thank everyone of you- our stakeholders, partners, team members and peers for an amazing 15 years, here’ s  to a new successful chapter together.

About the agency:

K2 Communications Pvt Ltd – is India’s leading Public Relations agency headquartered at Bengaluru. Now in its 15th year of successful PR, K2 has registered its presence in more than 45 locations across the country as a public relations company rooted in India but with a global outlook. K2 has an enviable list of clients to its credit- Wipro Limited is the leader of our client brigade since more than a decade. The other names that we can boast of having a long-term association are Azim Premji University, BASE Education, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting (FMCG), House of Hiranandani, Columbia Asia Hospitals, AO Smith and Trio World Academy, to name a few.

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