Suraj Jadhav

May 28, 2020

LinkedIn Profile Optimization- Add value to your online branding

LinkedIn has emerged as one of the most vital social networking sites for professionals. Are you using your LinkedIn profile the right way? Is it optimized to attract potential clients/customers? Let your digital profile work for you while you work hard for your business. LinkedIn profile optimization is a need of the hour for every leader out there.

This is the era of social networking. The coronavirus pandemic has pushed us 5 years ahead of schedule and enforced digital compliance at multiple levels. As a CEO/ CMO, the prime responsibility of driving the business online is mandatory, especially social media. As a business owner or Marketer, you most likely understand the concept but you are not on the right track to make use of social media at the fullest. There are a lot of causes like lack of technical knowledge, prioritizing wrong social media platforms, inconsistency in content crafting and posting due to less or no time and many more.

Why should you be on LinkedIn?

While Facebook is still a force, LinkedIn has emerged as a major B2B player in recent years. There are 50+ Million LinkedIn users in India and out of those 40% access it on a daily basis. But, on average, users spend only 17 minutes per month. It takes a few minutes to make an Impact. LinkedIn is considered to be the one-stop for industrial exposure, lead generation, and thought leadership. It is the most favorite social media platform in the B2B segment. It is also the place where business contacts and other related and non-related professionals go to see your work, your accomplishments, and your opinions on issues that matter. They should be impressed with what you have put on there, and thus it is very important that your profile is updated and optimized.

Linkedin Members on Linkedin according to data provided by Linkedin
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LinkedIn is the best platform for managing and showcasing your own personality. As a CEO, one connects prospects to the company through their own profile. Thus, personal branding is as important as organizational branding.

With such a large population of professionals on the platform, it is the best place to control the reputation downfall due to the crisis. Thus, as a CEO, one can do reputation management and crisis management efficiently on LinkedIn.

The need of the hour: LinkedIn Optimization

No one likes a tangled skein profile on a professional social network. It should be neat and clean. As an owner or a CEO, you are the face of your organization and you do not want to look messy in front of the online world. It creates a huge negative impact on the audience.

Having a neat profile attracts people when they see it. But how do they find you? You guessed it, LinkedIn Profile Optimization.

Search engine optimizing your LinkedIn profile with relevant and sufficient keywords is the best way to rank yourself in the vast ocean of teeming with your peers.

Apart from keywords, digital media is the best way to make your profile shine. Linkedin allows you to publish articles, graphic posts, videos, documents, etc.

Connect and build

LinkedIn is all about connections. The more the connections, the more is the business reach, and LinkedIn is all about connecting with people from the industry. Making new connections every day, interacting in industry groups, regular posting of content and ideas, keeping track of your old connection will not just increase your visibility, it will also enhance your company’s brand value.

Social Selling on LinkedIn

Social selling leaders create 45% more opportunities than peers with lower Social Selling Index.

LinkedIn Sales Solutions

While we were all under lockdown, the world outside has changed. The businesses today face newer challenges that need the leaders to be dynamic and passionate individuals ready to think on their feet. A strong social media presence on platforms like LinkedIn can help you in not just attracting the right talent, it also helps in establishing your professional brand, creating an authentic online reputation, engaging with like-minded professionals, and building relationships, all of which are must-haves for the digital future.

About the Author:

Suraj Jadhav – He is a digital Associate at K2 Communications Pvt. Ltd. & helps formulate digital strategies as well as content creation for various digital platforms. He has significant exposure on SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing and Ads, since he has been freelancing with start-ups and solopreneurs, helping them grow their personal and professional brands. When not brainstorming, Suraj enjoys teaching engineering students and hiking.

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