Shiv Devraaj

The world has over the past few centuries seen seminal enhancements in how people work. Industrial revolutions brought about a change which, based on collective efficiency at a factory or a unit, made a deep impact on how we as global citizens moved forward in our development.  It was more towards an aspect of having to assemble different parts of a machine to make a product such as truck or a diesel engine to power it.

While the World, since the revolutions, have been evolving, there does come a time to assess how our society has to approach the way we work. Unfortunately, when the push came to thrust during the pandemic, organizations across the globe came to realise the power of working from home or from anywhere. Manufacturing a product, or assembling it, does indeed require one to be present in a seamless working environment which increases efficiency resulting in growth of organization.

With plethora of corporations now being ideated on information and information development as a core, does it require that one has to sit next to each other under supervision to get the work done?

Remote working or Working From Home, has infused a sense of individuality while parallelly working in teams spread across the world. In a sense, this is empowerment as it breaks down many barriers of rigid, strait-jacketed norms of working. The breeze of independence, compounded with the responsibility of ensuring that the deadlines are met has a charm in its own way.

There are many significant advantages of your teams being remote or at home. We need to ensure that the frameworks are in place so that the teams are aligning on the same page and ensure that we carry forward the vision of our organizations. 

The new generation of talent, who are seeking challenging goals for their careers demand individuality, freedom, career progression. They would be majorly enthused by the culture of working from remote locations. Highly passionate and articulate in their thoughts, this option of working from home does have its advantages. Having a review in an office location at regular intervals, so as to ensure all of us are on the same page, maybe blended in to align to the larger goals of our information-based organizations.

Work From home does come in with a larger set of benefits of bringing diverse culture into our working ethos and ecosystem and I feel that we should significantly work to fine-tune the whole aspect of this new norm.

As I see, if there is any sort of downside in this whole debate is – whether we as corporations are able to nurture this fragile ecosystem and bring in a sense of ownership in our teams. This aspect has been a challenge for decades and this new facet accelerates our cycles of industry leaders to usher in this change at the earliest.

We need to align, we need to blend in cultures, we need to inculcate and deeply embrace the power of delegation to move us ahead, and ensure we don’t miss this bus of a new revolution.




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