Case Studies/Success Metrics


  • Reliance Communications GSM launch in 45 cities in India with 1 Lakh imprints


  • Earned laurels and recognition from the Chairman & CMO, Aztec Software to Aztec soft- increasing head count & creating a fun atmosphere at work and attracting HR skill sets to join the company
  • A PR campaign that led to creating an Employer brand for Sasken Communications
  • Launching Acer in India- a PR strategy played a pivotal role during their association with another major brand, Wipro.
  • An IT event handling with sensitive players and meeting bureaucracy objectives on bringing glory back to Bangalore
  • Influencer campaign with thought leadership articles to International magazines for opinionated personalities
  • Handling a CEO being unseated
  • Overcoming challenges of conflicting companies & placement of stories.
  • Counselling & creating modules for issue based crises in salvaging situations and wet blanketing on articles.
  • Sharing intangibles for tangible results and attaining an award and Limca book of records.


  • An IVF hospital gained recognition by OP-ed articles and media advocacy paid way for influencing Government surrogacy bill in healthcare


  • Co branding to create a international tournament for Auto Major

IT & Start ups

  • Sanovi Technologies ( Disaster Recovery )
  • Aztecsoft ( IT Product Engineering)
  • Unisys Technlogies (Cloud Computing)
  • Wipro Infotech- Product & IT services
  • Enzen Global ( Information Technology- IT, Energy & Utilities )
  • Quintype ( Digital Publishing House)
  • Idenizen ( Smart Campus- Automation) , Micro World ( Anti Virus)

Social Foundations

  • Shankara Eye Hospital
  • Azim Premiji Foundation
  • Identifying story opportunities and columns, opinion articles working for an NGO.