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Analyzing your own campaigns to devise your next move isn’t enough. To give them a boost, you also need to understand what your competition is doing. And now you can do that, for just Rs 999!

We've done the hard work and curated a great set of competitive reports that will enhance your digital efforts. These reports offer deep insights into Keyword Research, Competitive Website Analysis, Competitor Backlink Data, and more.

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Get digital marketing competitive reports


A website audit can determine if the efforts you’re putting into building your online presence, through On-page & Technical SEO, are working in your favour or not. Grab this customized set of reports to help you analyse and improve your website.


Our Website Audit & SEO overview gives you valuable insights into your own and your competitor’s websites. Get this set of competitive reports and find out what it takes to outrank your competitors.

Get digital marketing competitive reportsGet digital marketing competitive reports


Get a wide-angle view of how your competitors are using social media to their advantage, and give your own social media efforts a boost.
Use our curated set of competitive reports for insights on how your social presence can be more meaningful.

What is included in the set of reports?

  1. Site Audit: Use this to evaluate the current state of your site & create a roadmap for improvements. This will also help you improve technical SEO.
  2. SEO Overview: Evaluate your competitors' on-page SEO and content, to outrank them in search results.
  3. Competitor Social Media Insights: Check what your competitors are doing on social media and compare performance.
  4. Competitor Link Building: Discover your competitors' backlinks
  5. Self Backlink Audit: Understand all your backlinks and identify both follow & no-follow links
  6. Keyword Gaps: Get a full analysis of your keywords along with keywords of your competitors.
  7. Advertising (PPC) Insight: Take an inside look at your competitors' ad strategies. Spot their strengths and weaknesses to improve your own campaigns.

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