Are PR and AI heading down the same career path ?

We are living in The Jetsons world now—just short of space cars and space living (which is a work in progress). In a comical crossover, The Jetsons meet the Flintstones – the families switch lives in time travel gone wrong. The episode compares the Jetsons' day-to-day attempts to live without technology's convenience to Flintstones' slap stick humor of technological trial and error – while it made for some good episodes;today that is our reality!
We are the Flintstones living in the Jetson’s world. Just as the world was getting used to pandemic driven technology, Nov 2022 saw the launch of it ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer)- a launch that changed the world as we know it.
According to a New York Post article, it suggests that the advancements in AI technology,specifically ChatGPT, may automate certain tasks and potentially render some jobs obsolete. Some of the listed sectors that maybe affected are – education,finance, software engineering, and graphic designing.
The news was further exacerbated for us in the communication industry with the program’s main capability involving artificial intelligence and machine learning allow in git to respond to inquiries in a manner comparable to that which would take place in a typical discussion, and progressively getting smarter. As it currently stands, it can be accessed on the company website and is a free service with the company speculating plans on capitalizing on it with the “upgraded version” for professionals.

“AI may be able to write press releases, but it can't manage relationships and trust the way a human PR pro can.”  –  K2 Communications
For most of using the communication industry- there was a recall of the investment in time,money, and passion that went into honing our skill sets and perfecting our writing skills to make it into a career.

PR professionals have many responsibilities that ChatGPT can not replicate, such as:
-Handlingdifficult situations and crises
-Helping clientsunderstand their brand's value proposition
-Gettingfeedback from users about how they interact with your brand's products orservices
-Writing contentreflective of the writers unique personality and tone—shaped by theirindividual  journey and exposure
-Client outreach: PR professionals must reach out to potential clients through email or phone calls in order to establish relationships and build trust by building credibility in the eyes of journalists who may be writing about your client's company or product. ChatGPT cannot do this either because it is an automated system that doesn't have any human interaction involved in its operation.
Embracing AI…
While this maybe wishful thinking, the best solution is the merging of both to advance the PRprofession.  
ChatGPT would be able to assist PR professionals by providing them with the tools they need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.
The first thing AI can do for you is eliminate tedious tasks like filing client files and writing press releases. Chat GPT will scan them for keywords and automatically create a draft that's ready for review by your team or clients. You'll be able to focus on more creative tasks like creating compelling content for social media or developing strategies for upcoming events.
Chat GPT doesn't only need to help with mundane tasks--it can also help professionals get creative in other areas of their job! With AI's help, PR professionals can find new ways to engage with clients on social media without having to worry about what they should say next or how they should format their tweets or posts.
Despite the enormous impact of technology on our lives, there is still no program that can emulate the skills and the emotional intelligence of a PR professional. But by being cautiously optimistic we can look forward to adapting rather than eliminating the industry altogether.

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