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One of the global giants in the IT sector, Wipro Corporate is our flagship client and has remained so for over two decades.  Over the years we have handled various divisions of the Wipro juggernaut and it is a matter of pride that we also handle Azim Premji Foundation and University.  
Amongst our other prestigious clients, there are De Beers Forevermark, world leaders in natural diamonds; Bennet and Bernard, Goan Luxury Housing Specialists, Hilton Hotels (Manyata) with the largest number of rooms in a single location; AO Smith leaders in Water Purifiers, and the list goes on...

K2 began its journey in 2003. We’ve since grown by leaps and bounds over these 20 years and emerged as one of the top PR agencies in India. We've always walked in step with the latest in communication and public relations practices. We are one of the top PR agency in Bangalore . Today, we integrate traditional PR with Digital PR and have transformed into a new-age PR agency. We have a registered presence in more than 60 cities and towns in India.

We are amongst the top PR firms in South & Western India. Managing crises amongst regional media is our forte. We also offer the best PR strategic consultancy in India.
We have full-fledged offices with a highly qualified and talented team in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and New Delhi. We cover the entire south India from Bengaluru, while the Mumbai office pitches in for western India, and New Delhi takes care of the North and Eastern Regions.

We have a young and robust team of senior-level PR executives with age and experience, that enables them to deliver perfect PR services to varied clients from all verticals. The content team is one of the best, if not the best, in the country with equal prowess in English as some of the more popular vernaculars in the North and all the Southern states. K2 is AI-enabled with the team quite capable of putting modern technologies to good use for the clients , that is why we are considered the leading PR agency in Bangalore. Whether it is managing your social media needs or getting well-written articles, for blogs or print, we can do it all.

So, if you need an agency with an all-India reach, or to specific regions, an agency that can deliver results as expected from a good ROI, with media networks backed by the best content team in the country, if you want traditional or digital PR, you don't have to look far.

We are here. K2 Communications - your modern PR agency.

The Journey

The founding years were challenging times but the team met them nonchalantly with a few, but well-known clients, and paved the way ahead.....
This was a time of consolidation with a flurry of new clients. We had to hire the best of staff to meet the expectations of the clients.
New technologies meant we had to learn and adapt newer ways to perform our duties. And we did. Digital PR and the new wave of social media, etc., meant a larger audience, a larger universe. But we managed to rein in and come out on top...
Our vision is to be a leading Public Relations firm with a firm rooting with an unbiased approach to people’s expectations and understanding. We believe in the power of content (Data, information, news) and its due effect on the target audience.
We started well but the pandemic in 2020 was a litmus test. With loyal and understanding clients, a well-informed media and the unwavering support of the staff, we managed to ride it out and here we are.
2021 saw us work from home partly and the results were as as good as ever. A year later we were back at office with some WFH for a few staff. The year has been good. We saw a flurry of activity with new clients and a stronger emphasis on digital PR.
So, here we are 20 years from the time we started. It has been an awesome period of growing, learning, hand-holding, falling, getting up and going that extra mile, working the extra hours - and on contemplation, it has been worth it. Every bit of the two decades will help us ahead, in making the business of PR into an artform that will find appreciation from all quarters and we are happy, very happy, to be here for you...
The 20 year Journey
our story

We help our clients succeed with innovative strategies

K2 – the name means Knowledge Kingdom. Achieving larger goals, fulfilling organizational aspirations form the core matrix of our PR exercise. Knowledge and its dissemination are critical to the success of all businesses.
K2 is a motif taken from the awe-inspiring peak of Karakorum Range, in the Himalayas. The world’s second-highest peak is far more treacherous, difficult to ascend than the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. This aptly defines our goal: ‘To be second to none!’
Starting as a single–client company in 2003, team K2 has the necessary expertise to deal with a diverse range of customers with varied PR objectives. Established IT players, including MNCs, mid-cap firms or even start-ups all stand to gain from K2’s PR game plans. We specifically cater to verticals of Wellness (Health Care), Education, IT, Start-Ups, Luxury, and
'Single-window, All-solutions' approach to 'Affordable PR' is our forte. At the K2 work-factory, we always endeavor to think differently. Our battery of thorough professionals with excellent communication skills, editorially proficient staff, and former journalists make us what we are today - the best PR agency in Bangalore  and always ready to deliver results.
Our core values

Our vision is to connect with the world through innovation



Our vision is to be a leading Public Relations firm with a firm rooting with an unbiased approach to people’s expectations and understanding. We believe in the power of content (Data, information, news) and its due effect on the target audience.


Our company mission is to present our clients to the world in a favourable manner so as to make the (client’s) company, its people, product/s (brand/s) information universally acceptable.

A solid reputation built on trust and credibility.

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