K2's 20-Year Anniversary Celebration: Veni, Vidi, Vici

K2 Communications celebrated its 20-year milestone in style, in a panoramic setting at a stunning heritage property. Our CEO, Shiv Shankar Devaraaj, spared no expense in booking this picturesque location for the event - a beautiful boutique homestay located just a short drive from Chikkamagaluru town. For those of you who are curious – it is called Aralaguppe Heritage.

Upon arrival, we were immediately struck by the homestay's unique architecture. The original courtyard-style design had been seamlessly blended with modern touches to create a truly special atmosphere. The rich brown pillars and large wooden doors gave the impression of stepping back in time, while the modern tiling and contemporary antiques lent a touch of elegance to the surroundings.

After indulging in some traditional Malnad cuisine, we set out to explore the Mullayanagiri hills - a trip that proved to be a fortuitous coincidence, as the hills perfectly matched K2 Communication's company logo featuring a mountain. As we gazed at the stunning scenery, it was clear that this was the perfect setting for our 20th-year celebration.

That evening, the celebrations began with a lively bonfire and a delectable BBQ spread. The addition of live music had everyone on their feet, dancing, and laughing into the early hours of the morning. It was a night to remember, filled with warmth, laughter, and an overwhelming sense of camaraderie.

The next day brought team-building activities, including a lemon and spoon race, Chinese whispers, and a three-legged race. While we were competitive, the emphasis was on participation and fun - a hallmark of the K2 Communication team. Chinese Whispers was probably one of the most fun we had that day- where “She sells Sea shells on the seashore” became “He Says, She Says...SELL,” and do not even get us started on what“ Philadelphia!” turned into… (Let’s just say, with K2- what happens in Aralaguppe Heritage stays in Aralaguppe Heritage)

The homestay had everything we needed for a roaring success, including a pool, game area, dance floor, and, of course, a bonfire to add warmth to the chilly night. The local cuisine added a unique flavor to the entire experience, and we spent the weekend making memories and having a blast.

As we reflect back on the celebration, we are filled with gratitude for being a part of K2 Communications and our CEO's vision for the company. Shiv Shankar Devaraaj's inspiring leadership brought us together as a team, and we are excited to see what the future holds.“You are a visionary, and we want to give our best to make the next 20th-year milestone – a bigger celebration of success and effort”- K2ites. Special thanks to Philip Dass - who completes the picture of K2, constantly motivating everyone to test their limits and for being the calm in the storm. Another shoutout to Pramod- who took the whole experience to a new level of fun. We (K2ites)are elated to be a part of this 20-year legacy- where we work hard and play harder.

Special thanks to Nithin for giving us this beautiful resort as a venue for our milestone celebration! For us, 'Aralaguppe Heritage' has now become an adjective rather than a noun meaning “epic”.

Thank you !

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