Get Real- You don’t need that stole/jacket/pullover here!

re you on your pullovers when you enter your office? Are you in it throughout your day when your office A/c that supposedly conditions the temperature is playing a role?

Are you on your pullovers when you enter your office? Are you in it throughout your day when your office A/c that supposedly conditions the temperature is playing a role?

You have come to the right place! Yes, we finally thought of you and decided to be vocal about the warm fashionwear in a city like Bangalore! Don’t worry we are all dead confused and on the same page when it comes to deciding our daily office wears and then we are feeling- why all that effort when we have to be inside our pullovers, jackets, stoles- throughout the day!

Early mornings are turning Bangaloreans into Eskimos as they rush out to their work stations. Is it really worth it? Or they are just boastful about the pleasant weather that the city offers to them? May be with Bangalore winters just laying over a pleasant atmosphere over the city is constantly making its residents crave for the chilled to the bone kind of winters which the northern cities of the country are still experiencing.

And when these Eskimos reach their office premises they are under the freezing A.C with their extra layers on. Maybe they are just trying to vicariously enjoy how a hill station feels a far-out land which they can just dream of sitting in their office chairs a tough scheduled day! Or is it the cloudy, summery, and confusing weather and equally confusing economy that they can’t help but gloom to? Let’s not! It’s time we come up with some colors as we greet the day and be on our best versions!

While having this feeling cold-mode on to beat the office cold that is quite artificially generated and entirely man-made, we often forget that it is making us go soft on our crisp dressing and on the point fashion sense.

Smart dressing is one of the key aspects of the PR industry. A PR professional being out there as an opinion leader is marked by his or her smart dressing sense. We can never overlook that! Moreover, going to work in an outfit that makes us look good also gives us that confidence in our body language and gives us a cutting edge to face our hectic days.

‘I have an open-door policy, but only until the air conditioner is repaired.’

It’s a good idea to be unfazed and avoid overdressing for the sake of weather. Let’s be free and conquer the world where you are more confident being yourself in your best outfit.

It’s just super confusing to us humans when we first install A/Cs in offices and homes, and then invest in warm clothing in a pleasantly weathered city like Bangalore during winters. It is not just confusing, but absurd as well as we are not only wasting electricity, we are not using the already existing beautiful weather and creating an artificial, uncomfortable eco-system to live in. Aren’t the escalated global warming issues enough for us? Cutting on A/Cs would surely make it better for mother Earth if not for the office Eskimos.

Though it’s true that air-conditioned offices are a retreat to steam off the incessant deadline pressure, and they also help cool down heated discussions by reducing the blahs and replacing them with brrrs, this AC culture is not healthy, for the climatic condition or our personality.

Reducing the usage of A/cs makes a big difference in the emission of the greenhouse gases resulting in the planet-warming to as trivial as not cloaking our crisp professional outfits. Hence, keeping us more sharp and confident in our professional outcomes and making others feel less sick about our presence and be healthier and happier!

About the author:

Koyel Saha – She is an MA in Media & Communication Studies from Christ University, Bangalore, has worked in corporate communications, social media, and marketing. She has been an integral part of content generation teams in her previous roles. At K2 Communications, she is currently working as Account Manager, and her flavourful writing skills and sharp as tack insights have successfully made a mark.

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