Sumit Jain
Sumit Jain

Sumit Jain has been associated with K2 for more than 15 years now. Over the years, he has been instrumental in K2's growth and has successfully spearheaded the servicing team working with multiple accounts. He is a passionate public relations professional and comes with varied experience in the industry working with clients in various sectors. is client-focused and he brings extensive attention to the table. Clients love Sumit’s positive energy, enthusiasm, and commitment that he brings while working on PR campaigns. Measuring success is a key priority for him, as it’s important to prove the value of public relations for K2’s clients. Sumit is a Post Graduate Diploma holder in Business Administration (PGDBA) from Christ University.

 “They are our esteemed clients and that is the most important thing,” is the guiding philosophy that drives Sumit in all his engagements both with clients and, in guiding the team internally.


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Sumit Jain

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