B2B and B2C Public Relations Campaigns: How are they different?

There is no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" strategy for public relations. A variety of factors will influence your company's best campaigns. Sticking to one channel or one template will be counter-productive for your brand. One of the ways of creating a differentiated PR campaign is based on the type of business you are.


B2B and B2C Public Relations Campaigns: How are they different? 


There is no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" strategy for public relations. A variety of factors will influence your company's best campaigns. Sticking to one channel or one template will be counter-productive for your brand. One of the ways of creating a differentiated PR campaign is based on the type of business you are. 

Businesses are classified into two types: those that sell directly to customers (B2C) and those that sell to other companies (B2B). Which camp does your company belong to?


Business to consumer 

B2C companies offer products and services that cater to the demands of end customers. They include restaurants, retail chains, and D2C markets like BoAT. They sell straight to the consumer.

Business to business 

Meanwhile, B2B enterprises sell their products or services to other businesses. It can also happen when corporations sell their products to other companies that cater to the end customer.

The distinction between B2B and B2C is whether you are marketing to companies or consumers. With this in mind, consider the following five essential differences between B2C and B2B public relations.

  1. Goals

B2C PR is often preoccupied with building excitement for a product. Lots of buzzy PR activity leading up to the release of a product will make us want to buy it - or fear we'll miss out. Just look at the lines at the Apple Store when it unveils a new product for proof of this.

Myntra EORS
Myntra’s End of Reason Campaign was covered by almost all the CAT-A, top-tier publications of India. The campaign urged customers to buy products within a limited time to avail maximum discounts. Apart from this, the campaign also roped in influencers and celebrities for short video bytes on Instagram. Hence the nature of the campaign was based on ‘FOMO’ (fear of missing out) rather than developing ‘trust’.

B2B public relations, on the other hand, concentrate on establishing trust in a brand. You could be intrigued by a new cloud software for your organization that is about to launch, but you're unlikely to buy it until you know you can trust the vendor.

ICERTIS campaign
Icertis, is a company that offers contract management businesses to software businesses. It wanted to develop an automated crop insurance system for farmers. In its much publicized hackathon event, it invited hackers and coders to develop and showcase the software. The purpose of the hackathon was to build trust for its future clients and investors that it hired the best brains of the country to develop this path-breaking software

  1. The buyer's journey

B2C clients typically make purchases fast as they have to consult only a few people or sometimes none. So they decide if they like a product enough to buy it. 

B2B buyers, on the other hand, are inclined to purchase products or services that will help their company be lucrative, competitive, and successful. Hence, they have to consult a larger team of stakeholders. They take their time while purchasing. Evaluating vendors might take anything from a few months to several years depending on the product or service.

What does this entail for business-to-business public relations? Public relations specialists work hard to create assets for each stage of the buyer's journey. It takes remarkable patience to stay on top of things as a client progresses through every stage of buying process.

  1. Motivation

B2C versus B2B purchasers have quite contrasting interests. Emotional and personal triggers drive B2C shoppers to try the product. A lady, for example, purchases lipstick because she enjoys how it looks and feels on her. It satisfies an emotional desire.

Shopper's Stop PR Camapign
Shoppers Stop came up with a campaign called ‘My Magic Stick’ to showcase the multipurpose feature of its lipstick product.  This attracts working women who want to look fashionable yet want to save time on getting ready. 

The value of a product or service inspire B2B buyers. A B2B buyer may select a more expensive product if they believe the higher price is justified. It all boils down to the product's worth. Will it make their work simpler or produce a better result?

IBM's campaign, ‘Every second counts’ was a short film that educated IT professionals on dealing with data breaches and cyber recovery. 

  1. Social Media

The goal of B2C Public Relations is to get as many social media followers as possible in order to build brand recognition, buzz, and a 'demand' for a product. 

Ariel PR Campaign
Ariel PR Campaign
Ariel was one of the first brands among its counterparts to address the uneven distribution of household tasks between men and women. As a result, the campaign became viral on social media, propelling its sales  to about 25% for the year.

However, social media is a different beast when it comes to B2B PR. To begin, not all social networks are suitable for B2B firms. Don't push your brand to adapt to Snapchat or Instagram. B2B social posts are more informed than emotive, therefore sites like Twitter and LinkedIn should be at the forefront of your social marketing.

Accenture PR
This B2B campaign by Accenture on LinkedIn is an in-depth and informative study on the trends shaping Fjord. This will not go viral like a B2C campaign, but it will be the go-to source for many senior decision-makers of organizations.

  1. Owned media

B2B owned media, such as blog posts, videos, ebooks, and other material, takes a different format than B2C-owned media. 

B2C blog postings, for example, may contain fewer words and are often light, fun, and easy to absorb. They don't take much focus to read.

BoAT headphones
 Take a look at this blog by BoAt that recommends the best type of headphones to buy under INR 2000. 

 B2B blog postings, on the other hand, are often longer, more informative, and more thorough. 

Deliotte PR
Contrast the previous blog with this article by Deloitte on the future of telecommunications. 

Understand your niche

Different approaches are required for B2B and B2C PR due to the different target audience. As a result, many public relations firms specialize in either B2B or B2C PR. At K2 Communications, we operate well in both areas. So, whether you're a B2C or B2B company, we can assist you in targeting the right market and media channels

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