Reputation: What is your ’Likeable’ factor?

K2 Communications steps up to make it an achievable trait

The start of 2024 has seen the world recognize the importance of words such as authenticate, hallucinate, AI, and thereabout. The world is more impressionable as it is exposed to more screens, instant information, a wee bit of knowledge, and an immense flow of data that lacks validity. What it makes up for is the vast amount of people it reaches and works upon mass hysteria coupled with individual restraint. It’s confusing and yet, crystal clear, that information makes for a reputation. Once upon a time, eternal vigilance was a criterion for democracy. Now it is a preamble for every corporate that wants to sway a positive tide for itself, its brands, or its services.

Welcome to the future. Are you on the right path and can you use the strong currents to plan your flight or will you be engulfed by the temerity of the times and end up like the extinct dinosaurs?

Public Relations is an important part of marketing as it of corporate communication. The fact that every successful CEO is a master of PR is a lesson that PR is a necessity of every business to handle various nitty gritty of business and relationship management.

What does PR do? PR is what you do. A good image and reputation are of immense importance to success. Have you heard of the term ‘the company you keep’ defines you irreversibly? Good PR places you in a good company thereby making you a forward-leaning entity and providing you, your product or services, a head start in your efforts to come out tops.  

Online reputation is indeed important. So is reputation on every front. And while the online version is quick to disseminate by itself depending on its content and the medium, the good old methods of offline reputation is sometimes overlooked, as it is meant for a select crowd, and the effects of this last longer than the ephemeral your brand viral video. The select audience can be your stakeholders –investors, employees, etc.

On a vaster scale, when your brand is mass orientated then you cannot afford to ignore the impact of an online reputation. In many ways, we are witnessing the immersive amalgamation of the online universe with reality so much that the multiverse is a reality. The silver screen has now been replaced with electronic screens that fit on your palm. To ignore the online world would spell disaster for all and that is a more refined way of putting it.

The effect of the online story is immediate and live. Negative stories spread quickly. Loyalty leads to repeat purchases. Eternal vigilance is the price one has to pay to be successful. And that is where PR can make a difference to your playing field.

K2 Communications offers an array of modern-day PR tools and strategies to give you the edge you need. PR consulting is an essential input for your business. No matter your audience. So, if you are a start-up or well-entrenched in the corporate world, you will need a PR hand to make your mark or improve on it.

We have offices in Bengaluru, Mumbai and New Delhi and offer our services all over the country.

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