Competitor Keyword Analysis: Organic & Paid

Keyword analysis is one race where keeping an eye on competitors is absolutely essential. Without insights into their strengths and weaknesses, you will always struggle to outrank them. Keywords & key phrases are the ranking factors of any content on a search engine; be it organic or paid; they are the foundation upon which most marketing campaigns are built. 

Keyword research helps to:

  • Find relevant and high-engagement topics that your competitors are writing
  • Understand your audience and their interests better
  • Get qualified leads & conversion
  • Improve your PPC campaigns and reach the objective in a very efficient way
  • And most importantly, helps you INCREASE SALES

 Keyword Research: How to do it?

You need relevant & high-volume keywords to drive organic traffic to your website and also build strong PPC campaigns. And, what better way to do this than by diving into your competitors’ keywords? So how do you actually do it? How do you find the keywords that your competitors are using in their organic and paid campaigns?

The first step is obviously to find competitors who are doing well on online platforms. And, make sure you list only those with whom you can actually compete. You cannot compete with huge & famous brands if you are just starting. Try to compete with brands that can be overthrown and then slowly grow and expand until you can compete with the established ones. Once you conclude the list, you go through all the content on their website and social media platforms. Look at what content & context they are focussing on. Create a list of the ones that are getting more engagement. Shortlist the keywords into primary, secondary, and tertiary if possible. The goal is to get a rough panoramic view of all the keywords that they are using. For example, suppose your competitor is a blogging website. You go through their recent blogs, see what keywords they have focussed on, what posts they have created to promote those blogs, what posts have got what kind of engagement, etc. 

Once your manual research part is done, use any keyword tool available like SEMrush, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, etc. 

Do you find the competitive analysis complicated? If yes, let us know and we’re happy to arrange a free consultation call with an expert who will take you through sample reports and explain how you can use them for your business.

Enter the primary keywords that you want to target in one of the above tools and set your target location. You will get a list of suggestions with similar keywords, keyword phrases, questions people ask on search engines, and so on, that you might want to use in your content. 

As an example, suppose you are into a business that sells books. So, your primary keyword would be "Buy Books". For this keyword, here are the suggestions:

Tool used: SEMrush

Use the high-volume keywords in your blog content, website content, articles, social media copies, etc. Easy, Isn't it?

But, you don't know yet what keywords your competitors are using. For that, go to the domain overview on any tool you are using and enter your competitor's URL. A keyword section will list out all the top keywords your competitor is using in the results.

Tool used: SEMrush

Analyze these keywords using factors such as Search Volume, Traffic, Keyword Difficulty (KD) %, and even CPC for your Ads Campaign. Go to competitors’ web pages and check out their content. Why? You create even more informational and engaging content and outrank them on search engines.

You can also find keyword gaps between your website and your competitors’ website. Fill in those gaps using those missing keywords and expand your reach to find new audiences.

Tool used: SEMrush


If you don’t want to solely depend on these tools, you can put in some manual effort. For example, if you are targeting the keyword “Money transfer online”, then perform a google search for this term and pick the top 10 URLs and go through their content. Find the opportunities and missing areas to create your own content. Easy?

However, if you find competitive analysis too overwhelming, we have made it easy for you! How? We have a curated set of all the reports you would want just for Rs. 999/-

Yes! A complete package of your competitors’ data that you can use to improve your organic and paid campaigns and outrank them easily.

What is included in the set of reports?

  1. Site Audit: Use this to evaluate the current state of your site & create a roadmap for improvements. This will also help you improve technical SEO.
  2. SEO Overview: Evaluate your competitors' on-page SEO and content, to outrank them in search results.
  3. Competitor Social Media Insights: Check what your competitors are doing on social media and compare performance.
  4. Competitor Link Building: Discover your competitors' backlinks
  5. Self Backlink Audit: Understand all your backlinks and identify both follow & no-follow links
  6. Keyword Gaps: Get a full analysis of your keywords along with keywords of your competitors.
  7. Advertising (PPC) Insight: Take an inside look at your competitors' ad strategies. Spot their strengths and weaknesses to improve your own campaigns.

Get the reports here! 

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