Ritu Manohar
Ritu Manohar

Ritu is a third-culture kid with a deep appreciation for well-written content, Oprah, and pop culture. A Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts, and a specialization in Effective Writing, gave her exposure to various writing styles, ranging from creative to analytical. This background naturally steered her towards Public Relations, where content holds a pivotal role. She is fluent in English, Kannada, Hindi, and a smattering of French, Italian, and Japanese. (She lived in Tokyo for some time!).

She has donned the cap of a ghostwriter and even dabbled in Sales and Marketing and Event Management. But her pièce de résistance? Teaching business-level English in Japan, where she  turned "Lost in Translation" into "Found in Communication." Through it all, content was her ever-present muse, paving her path to a profession in PR.  Her globetrotting experiences provided a unique lens through which she understands and appreciates the tapestry of cultures. She’s not just a writer: she’s a storyteller, a language aficionado, a cultural explorer, and above all, a PR professional!


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