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Co-Working Company

Company: A new-age coworking space company that is a one stop solution for your “complete work space experience”. The coworking space, spread over 2 million sq ft, is ISO certified with international standards of hospitality, health, and safety benefits. The company is growing at a scorching pace and intends to double its portfolio in quick time. The company was recently awarded the ‘Best Emerging Coworking Enterprise Office Brand”. The company was also recognized as the “Best coworking brand for design and client satisfaction’ by Times Business Award, 2021. It has also received certification from British Safety Council for following policies, procedures and arrangements relating to control of Covid – 19 within workplace. The company hosts multi-faceted events for employees which go beyond networking and encourages innovation, community building and offers benefits of several brand tie-ups. It also provides a platform for its clientele to meet mentors, funders and write a success story. With a range of amenities, 315Work Avenue wishes to be the “one-stop work haven where your goals come to life.”

Campaign Objective

The PR brief was to position the company as a rapidly growing co-working space provider with health concerns, and a forerunner that creates conducive, functional and inspiring work spaces with a modern aesthetic. We were tasked with a goal to build the corporate image and reputation of the company as a coworking space that is home to professionals and executives from multiple domains - from big enterprises, investors, freelancers, founders to startups and professionals from diverse streams. The brief was also to position the company as a curator of a positive co-working space that fosters growth and productivity, and harnesses the potential of an eclectic clientele. The idea was also to position the company as a dynamic co-work space that everyone would want to return to for its ambience and amenities.

PR strategy

K2 communications brought about great visibility to the company among relevant stakeholders in the coworking space including top-notch executives and professionals by launching thought leadership strategies and ideas over a sustained period. This has ensured that the company is a coworking voice to reckon with and that its spokesperson is an ideator par excellence. K2 has ensured a national presence for the company by positioning news articles about the company and its initiatives in the national media. It has also transformed the company into a serious industry commentator by enabling participation in stories on industry trends, headlining the company as a unique coworking space. K2’s campaign has been to highlight factors that make the company attractive to potential clients through different strategies. This has resulted in a perception about the company brand as a leader in its space.


Effective PR has allowed the brand to attain a positive image both online and offline and has benefitted the company. The company has been established as a significant national voice on issues concerning the coworking sector and the image of the company has received positive visibility in the national mediascape owing to effective PR strategies. It is also now looked upon as a thought leader for the coworking industry by other coworking companies and clients. The Company is seen as forward looking, new age and agile. The client has gained XXXXXXX number of impressions in top gear media.
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