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This is a renowned international school in Bengaluru offering ICSE, ISC & K12 programs across curriculums like IGCSE & IBDP. The school envisions students to become moral, empathetic, and socially responsible citizens. The School’s futuristic curriculum lays equal emphasis on academics and personality development to enable the holistic growth of its 7,500 students. Established in 2004, the school has been ranked No. 1 consistently for the last 5 years among the top Schools in the country in various surveys.

Campaign Objective

The campaign objective was to position the School as a complete international educational institution and brand that constantly strives to implement, innovate and align with the latest techniques and methods of education. The goal is also to position the school as one that preserves the traditional ways of learning, while focusing on a modern and pragmatic approach. The campaign also looks at how the school absorbs knowledge from around the world and imbibes this in its teaching models. Finally, to position it as a school that develops the intellectual, aesthetic, moral, physical, social and psychological potential of the students.

PR strategy

The strategy includes positioning the school as a thought leader in international education through the publication of authored articles, press releases on growth, expansion, achievements, awards and industry comments on latest trends in the education sector and image and reputation management. The strategy also includes building the school’s reputation and brand in the best publications that would enhance its profile and standing as a highly esteemed educational institution.


The school has been awarded ‘The Best ICSE School in Bangalore’ and "The Best International School in Bangalore’ apart from being recognized nationally and globally. It has seen a high regard among the parent community who see it as one of the best international schools offering comprehensive education in the country. Its reputation as a school that has seen scores of student achievers is also high and has come in for appreciation from all quarters. The client has gained XXXXXXX number of impressions in top gear media.
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