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The company has been one of the pioneers of the real estate industry in Bengaluru. Founded in 1983, the company has been changing the landscape of Bengaluru for over four decades. The company is dedicated to providing not just a house, but a home to all customers and has earned the reputation of a trusted developer that focuses on design and quality in all projects. The company has shaped its reputation for excellence in creating value for its customers. The company has built some of the best properties in Bengaluru, including premium apartments and exquisite villas.

Campaign Objective

To position the company as a leader in the real estate Industry and enhance its visibility not only in Bangalore, but across Southern India. The brief was to position the company as a thought leader and forerunner in delivering exquisite homes that include high-end apartments and spacious and luxurious villas. The overall objective was to establish the company as the voice of the real estate industry occupying unique, great heights.

PR strategy

The idea was to position the company as an icon in the sector. The plan also was to use a variety of PR tools like Press release, Thought leadership articles, Spokesperson profiling, Corporate interviews, Panel discussions, Speaker opportunities etc to establish the company as a trend setter and make visible the rich legacy of four decades in real estate sector. Public relations has been an effective way to build the brand, communicate with a target market and attract customers.


Public Relations has helped the company earn media placements that assist in constructing the brand identity and industry equity. The company has been established as a leader in offering luxury real estate products to the elite of society who look for an elevated lifestyle. The company is also now known as providing the best villas in Bangalore and an outlook of life among the customers that reflects their vision and dream of being part of a living space that is new, fresh and inspiring. The company has received a great number of impressions in the media.…
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